My name is Lauren, and I am a storyteller. I love studying hope and humanity through the modes of writing, photography, and poetry. I also utilize these mediums in my activism and organizing. 


I first heard the term "Liturgical Space" on a podcast. 

"...At times of disruption, small pockets of people rise up, and they enact and create alternative [political/social/spiritual] space. Now I call these liturgies, 'liturgical spaces' - but I don't mean by that 'churches'...these liturgical spaces are performative enactments of the world that you want to see in the present. They're performative enactments of the world you want to see. Temporary autonomous zones; spaces where there is equality; where people have a voice."

[Pete Rollins / Rob Bell]


Everywhere. The point of these virtual spaces, is to empower you to create your own (real, finite, and ever-expanding) liturgical spaces. 


If you'd like to collaborate on a creative piece, have an inquiry, or have questions about booking me for 2017/2018, don't hesitate to email