On #NationalComingOutDay


A year and a half ago, the only reason I felt emboldened enough to "come out" was because I fell in love. I finally realized what love felt like and what it required. (Sometimes your heart is ready to say what your brain/politics/mouth cannot.)

These last few weeks at church, we've focused on one question: "What does love require of me?" The answer: "Everything."

I didn't come out because I wanted to make my friends/family/church uncomfortable or sad. I didn't want to be your disappointment; your "I thought you were a leader". I didn't come out because I wanted to set fire to the dreams so many had dreamed for me, for so many years. I didn't come out because my character or personhood had changed. I didn't come out because my faith-status had changed.

I came out because love required something of me. It required me to fully include my self/soul/heart in the process of loving, and being loved.

So I began the work. Love forces me to stick glass into my eyes and find something beautiful--even when beauty feels obsolete. Jesus does this too. I didn't come out because sexuality is my deepest declaration; I came out because in a world where closed doors and dark rooms are the norm, I believe in light for--and accessible to--everyone. (Including myself.)

Happy #NationalComingOutDay. We're all on a journey, and walking with each other is meaningful.