Florida Shooting: Why Emma Gonzalez (and every other group experiencing injustice) is shouting

I know this has been shared many times.

But *this* is why people start shouting: Because the pain is too much; the injustice is too much; and the ability to effect change is too near (and yet too far in the grip of high-seated hands).

Maybe it can be better heard from the mouth of a teenager; maybe this feels less threatening; maybe the kneeling or protests can make more sense; maybe our communal and individual prejudice and racism can be more deeply uncovered. (I have it, we have it; it’s not in using slurs, it’s in the way the system functions, and the way we - unknowingly or knowingly - do not challenge it.)

Those in pain start shouting, because they must. It is the realization that all the times before—all the tears and quiet words—were never heard.

Mental health, gun control, Black Lives Matter, Clean Dream Act, prison reform; the manifestation of good trying to prevail can make us uncomfortable. That is the point.

Pain should not sit well with us. It should, in fact, make us squirm.

Listen to Emma’s full speech below.

Florida student Emma Gonzalez to lawmakers and gun advocates: 'We call BS'

Below is a full transcript of her speech: We haven't already had a moment of silence in the House of Representatives, so I would like to have another one. Thank you. Every single person up here today, all these people should be home grieving.