Latinx Female Theologians: Finding a Mirror

Information like this is often easily overlooked, lost, or altogether forgotten.

This article gave me energy and hope; it is a list of Latinx Female Theologians. Two of them were Cuban women. And I can't explain how special it feels to see their names, the cities they were born in, and their journeys toward academia and scripture, that made me feel whole and seen and affirmed in my own journey. 

I am not formally studying anything; not enrolled in a seminary; still too far in debt and too short before payday to see the reality of graduate school as anything other than "far".

And yet; here are women with names like my mother, stories like my grandmothers; women who studied and spoke and loved the same things as me.

Here's to finding representation hidden in the corners of society (or, when we're lucky, finally on a big screen - shoutout to Black Panther). 

You are here; your story is full of purpose, and if you do not at first see heroes who came before you, with similar stories or dreams or accomplishments, remember: you may be carving a path (into a hard and unforgiving stone, perhaps), for someone else who follows close behind. 

Keep walking. (And read the article below.)

18 Latin American Female Theologians You Should Know About

"She studies, and disputes, and teaches, and thus she serves her Faith; for how could God, who gave her reason, want her ignorant?"