Simple Kind of Love

Oftentimes, the weight of life seems to overtake the freedom.

Love can feel like a distraction from the awful things happening in the world; it may be used as a tactic to subdue and turn away. But love is also moving things forward. It is inextricably tied to justice, and in this way, it can be the most active and political thing in the world.

Love is the way we counteract fear; love is the way we stand to hate. 

It is not flimsy, it is not tepid, though at times, it is scared; but love moves forward anyway.

At it's best, love is the loudest (and most subtle) thing in the room.

Find my friend's video/song below to see freedom outweigh the fear and hate. Consider what role love (romantic, platonic, communal) plays in your resistance, your existence, and your thriving.